Monday, August 20, 2018

Career & Business

Girls earn less than boys — in allowance

Why does the gender wage gap still exist? You're probably familiar with the wage gap. The average woman earns 80 cents for every dollar a man...

Jessica Alba on sexual harassment and the fight for female equality

Speaking to CNN, Alba said she believes the #MeToo movement sweeping Hollywood and beyond is long overdue. "It's about time," she said. "I think things...

Why women need mid-career mentors

Melinda Gates: I've experienced sexism 'all the way through' my career You probably have a mental picture of the usual mentor-mentee relationship: a college-aged ingenue...

Alyssa Milano Interview

Women are increasingly becoming an economic—and entrepreneurial—force to be reckoned with. While we have been an integral part of the workforce for decades, women-owned businesses have more than doubled in the last twenty years. 

A Call to Action

It is impossible these days to turn on the news and not hear about another sexual abuse allegation. It seems a waterfall is taking over and powerful men are being swept away.