About Us


Our mission is to accelerate gender equality by providing insight, ideas, and solutions to help women and men create a more just and equal world. Our definition of feminism is the love of all women and all of humanity. By this definition, our hope is that we can all call ourselves feminists.



The Woman’s Report is an interactive magazine dedicated to the advancement of women across all aspects of society. It is a place where women and men can share and access the information they need to help women succeed.

We believe equality means women and men have equal power & leadership across all institutions, including government, business, medicine, finance & education, and a level playing field on which to achieve it.

The Woman’s Report tackles difficult subjects in a productive manner that examines all sides and focuses on promoting positive changes in our society, our laws and ourselves.

TWR brings you News You Can Use, to help you tackle challenges you face everyday and provide productive strategies and solutions to help you succeed in the most important aspects of life. We explore issues we all face in our careers, finances, families and health and we invite you to share your knowledge and experience to help others.

TWR also brings you news and information about the amazing groups and inspiring leaders that share our vision. Our goal is to help amplify their voices, promote their efforts and give you ways to get involved.

I hope you will join me, and my amazing team of women and men. Together we can change the world and make it a better place for all of us!

Michele von Plato