Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Call to Action

It is impossible these days to turn on the news and not hear about another sexual abuse allegation. It seems a waterfall is taking over and powerful men are being swept away.

The Whisper That Learned to Roar

It started in heartbreak. It is the whisper that has turned into a roar. They are the words so difficult to utter that they can often only come out as a whisper full of pain and shame.

‘I Want to Be the Last Girl in the World with a Story Like...

As women all across this country are raging, crying and telling their stories of sexual assault, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Nadia Murad...

Hard-working women, go home earlier to avoid this disease

Researchers looked at data from 7,065 Canadians who were tracked over 12 years. What they found was that women who consistently worked 45 hours...

Reclaiming the F-Word

As The Woman’s Report grows, I can’t help noticing how many women I meet who are reluctant to call themselves feminists.  Why, in the...


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